Thursday, July 21, 2011

Literally Unbelievable!!!!!

So, this great site called Literally Unbelievable captures FB posts where people believe items from The Onion. Some of the best:

"People will believe anything..." Wind farms could blow Earth off of its axis? Sure.

Throwing the BS card... Studying irony of middle class lives is real, but poster points out the academic institution cited is not legit. Yup, that's the thing to focus on.

Theme: the government sucks
Logic and Reasoning? Gay marriage story again, but the anti-gay-marriage poster decries dunking a basketball as a way around making a sound argument. Yup.

Sucking on bone marrow? Nancy Grace caught sucking marrow from Caylee Anthony's bones. How does this not fail the sniff test? Some people hate her so much they can believe she'd do THIS?

Satirical news sites exist? Elevator story again. Someone even points out the Literally Unbelievable site.
Yes, why would you get on an underwater elevator? Elevator story again. Yes, the problem with the study is nobody would agree to get on an underwater elevator.

"Just count the damn bodies!" Millions feared dead in train accident. Millions? Millions? And that seemed plausible?

City folk are poopy. 15-year-old girl torn apart by peers, city dwellers just watch. Country folk woulda got up in their grill.

Longest "what?" of all time. Congress debates whether to ruin US economically. Yes, it's on the table: are you pro ruin, or agin'?

U2 members who are not Bono are down with Africans starving. What a bunch of jerks! I'm burning my mp3s of their songs. At least the non-vocals parts...

"Those pics look fake...just sayin'." Greepeace releases dolphin into forest. Yes, it's the picture that indicates there might be a problem with the story.

"...people still surprise me with their ignorance." Georgia school board bans "theory of math". But this person did not surprise me with his/her ignorance - right at the level I expected.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something Happening Here (and there)

Some of the my favorite links from February 2011 protests in Madison, WI:

Don't Click Here (my use only)

Simple Solution To The Problem

Another video

Egyptian support

Cheddar Revolution

NYT Support - kinda

Illinois Senate Pres


Obscene wealth

Hidden stuff

Police support

More police support

The Best Phone Call Ever

Not helping small businesses

Wealth inequality

Injustice of speed vote

Peoples' Legislature

CBS News decided not to ignore it

Anonymous aims at Koch Brothers
And succeeds quickly

Citizens United means can't squelch unions, either

DOA Press Release uses wrong word - have a teacher help

We are paying attention to the wrong things

ASCFME is not happy

How low can they go?

The Onion weighs in

Walker's Palace

Fox News shows palm trees in Madison

Take it to the lawn

Nicely done, NYT

A short film

Congressman Obey denied access

George Carlin is right

Ringers at the Budget Address

Cap Times wonders about troublemakers

CBO deficit analysis

Tom Morello has it right


Uh, that's quite the bloated estimate
And an offer to save on that expense
And maybe the estimate was off by $7M...

Lockout procedures in bad faith

Live ammo - me is suspicious

A little something for Walker's insurance buddies

Don't carry these things into the Capitol - tape, electrical cords and furniture seem necessary to running an office...
Here's some more things to not do in the Capitol - still photography.

Walker bolsters Democratic hopes for 2012

A good summary of the last week - read first

In praise of the Wisco 14

Biz is a media whore

Some amazing and powerful photography - must see

Even more support by police and firefighters

Can't give tax breaks to the rich without taking money from the poor

Michael Moore came to town
And he wrote an article


A good summary of Walker's un-truths

More insight from the UK on economic policy in Wisconsin

This article seems to portend the crazy days

The Smithsonian is stopping by

Scott Fitzgerald admits that getting rid of collective bargaining is political, not budgetary

Well, the hypocrisy continues, as the Senate decides to pull collective bargaining infringement out of the budget and pass it without the 14

Former GOP aide explains how GOP Senators can stop the madness

Scott Fitzgerald is not tactful

Ethics violations by Governor?

How the budget process works - normally...

More summary info

Not many showed up to support Walker

They rammed it through
Video of special committee session - yuk
Text about it
MSNBC's version
CNN's version

DATCP secretary says something he should not have

Don't tick off a badger

The aftermath
Handcuffed doors, charges to follow
Police physically remove citizens from "open" Capitol
Video of dragging
Madison City Attorney authorized to pursue legal action against Senate
Dane County to take legal action, too
Wisco 14 to return
The bill itself - ugly

The details the GOP did not want Dems to know
Somehow, power plants sales were only in one of the bills approved

Awesome - bill includes provision to fire state workers who participate in labor actions during "state of emergency"

DOA tries to hide

The Orpheum takes a stand

Reagan stands by unions and led one (video)

Powerful words from WPA and other unions about boycotting KwikTrip

M&I Bank branch closes due to withdrawals by union leaders

An open letter to Tea Partiers

Walker hears voices - and they are not guiding him well

Walker "sings" the bill...

Bassnectar supports us

Huffpo article on the new America where corporations have more rights than people

More on Walker donors

It's ugly in Michigan, too

Tony Shaloub's speech was fantastic.

The proposed selling of Wisconsin assets is not.

What's a little political favoritism among "friends"?

Sen. Grothman gets hugged and doesn't like it.

Law published despite restraining order

A good summary of what's behind the assault on workers and their rights

How far the Republicans wanted to go to punish the missing Dems

Sen Johnson is finally heard from - and he sounds as dumb as we thought

Indiana assistant AG suggested violence in Wisconsin
More on that topic

William Cronon, UW history professor, is under assault for looking at Republicans. Here's his blog about the events.
The Atlantic has something to say about it.
Salon, too
New Yorker
Michigan profs get a similar treatment
UW Legal's opinion

Why the American worker got what she/he deserved...

How auto-deduct of union dues is somehow worse than auto-contribute to campaigns

No need to know if privatization costs more

So hard for Walker, who can call press conferences, to get his op-ed ideas out there...

Imagine that, Van Hollen doesn't have the best interests of Douglass LaFollette in mind

Hmmm...Fitzgerald forced LRB members to publish the bill despite TRO

Things aren't looking good for Prosser

Innovative Capitol sign solution

Colbert bit on having to follow the law in Wisconsin

Liberals as the elite? GOP says so.

Gotta keep those educators from a press conference on education

Tax cuts do not stimulate economy

Divorces for all!

David Blaska would like a job on Fox News - it's the same lack of reasoning used to draw "conclusions".

Republican cop changes his mind

Ah, sweet, sweet patronage
A bit more on same thing
Oops, no, patronage is bad...if you are caught

Fitzgerald gets so excited, he says the dumbest thing

Supreme Court election shenanigans
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Best part - IT perspective of "failed to save"

Wineke agrees that this is surreal

Scotty goes to Washington and fesses up
Gwen Moore gives him hell

Illegal contributions to Walker? Never...

Sen. Randy Hopper won't answer questions, but he does want constituents to call a phone sex chat line.

Sarah Palin comes to town and Vicki McKenna goes into yet another rage

Walker hates state workers, but he wants them to feel appreciated...

More to come.

In national news:
The "speechless" video
Montana legislator and lawyer thinks it is a felony for "gays" to recruit "straights"
Sarasota, FL might be a good spot to be a reporter - fantastic want ad
Sen. John Kyl is a piece of crap
Breaking down the "budget deficit"
Fox News... :)
How birthers see Obama's birth certificate
Great take on birther views
Tuscaloosa tornado satellite images
The WI Supreme Court is a joke
Walker has taken over all branches
Legislative Fiscal Bureau says no budget problems loom

Doesn't belong here, but not worth a separate post
Sergio Ramos drops the trophy
History in graph form
I like this old-time song (Run Little Raindrop Run)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Divine Providence?

Check out this article about a man who says God ordered him to ram his truck into a woman's vehicle on a highway. He crashed into her vehicle while going more than 100 mph because God told him "she needed to be taken off the road."

The guy is undergoing a psychiatric exam.

Apparently, the DA does not believe in God. Why order psych exam for someone that is the vessel of God's word? Blasphemer! He must be ousted from office for doubting the word of God's messenger.

Or, that's my take on it since I'm supposed to believe GW is doing God's will, killing hundreds of thousands without having to undergo a psych exam. Interesting that GW can remove Saddam from the planet, and this driver was only trying to remove a person from the road. Yet, the driver somehow committed the offense that might be indicative of insanity?

I would hope that all the people that came out in defense of GW because he's a God-fearing man will also come out in support of the driver. The sheriff's spokesman even said God was with both of them to keep them alive after such a horrendous accident.

I anxiously await the response from the nut-jobs...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Karma is on a Roll

With a little bit of mayonnaise - dee-lish.

I had just settled in at a local watering hole to watch my Pack play the Vikings. A lady in purple walks by and yells "GO VIKINGS!". Not 1 second later, as she is passing behind me, I heard a loud thud/thunk. I turn to look and she's down on the ground. Apparently, she slipped on a wet spot on the floor. You do not want to anger the Packer Gods.

Within just a few days, karma sped up its delivery from 5 seconds to 1. Just think, if only cable companies could improve that much...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Karma Karamel

A bicyclist flies by in front of me today, tossing a Milky Way candy wrapper on the ground. I'm a little miffed by this. Someone once told me littering is bad, and I now believe it myself. My irritation did not last long, as the wind picked up and the bicyclist's hat blew off and onto the rain-soaked ground. It blew up to me, presenting me with choices:
a) pick up the hat and walk it to him as he circles back for it
b) let it go, laughing at the quick karmic payback
c) accidentally step on it repeatedly
d) cockpunch the bicyclist for littering, ignoring the hat incident
e) option (b) above, and write about it

Obviously, I chose (e), but wish I had chose (c).

The speed of payback reminded me of a time at a local bar years ago. A buddy of mine was making good time with a new acquaintance near the bathrooms. They were in plain sight of our table, so this amused us. Another buddy, we'll call him Rodrigo, decided to make a smart comment to them as he passed on his way into the bathroom. So, we watch as he leans in and needles them for promiscuous PDA and watch him walk directly into the women's room. 1/2 a second later he bolts out and into the men's room. One or more of us might have laughed so hard we had to go to the men's room.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


That's my new way of ending the "nine eleven" era. For all the abuse of 9/11, and the defenses ("that's pre-9/11 thinking", "9/11 changed everything", etc.), I throw 114 or 11/4 out there as the new milestone date. If someone tries to continue the misguided thinking of the last 7 years, I will call that "pre-11/4 thinking". When they wonder what became of our country, I'll say "11/4 changed everything".

If we regain our status as an international moral leader instead of military leader, if we listen more than we speak, if we treat our own people with respect, if we treat the Constitution as something to heed, if we respect our fellow countries, we can point to 11/4 as the undoing of the post-9/11 crimes imposed by the Bush 43 administration.

With baited breath, I await Obama's actions in contrast to the death-spiral brought about by GW.

Change will still need to be managed - that will be harder than winning the election.